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Classic Chevy in Cuba

Baby I'm Amazed...

Find Your Cuba!

Cuba Music

Cuba is larger than life! Whether, it’s the sultry rhythms, the wisps of cigar smoke wafting in the air, the beautifully weathered Baroque facades, or just the warm smiles and beautiful faces of the Cuban people, once you experience Cuba, something in you changes.


Cuba is a special place so long denied to Americans. And while it is now legal to go to Cuba under certain travel categories, some Americans remain hesitant.  Mariah Travel has helped thousands of travelers witness the splendor of the natural and cultural environments in dozens of countries worldwide since 1998. Now, we have the honor to host your visit to Cuba legally on our U.S. Department of the Treasury, OFAC license for people-to-people cultural exchanges.


Mariah Travel offers many options for experiencing Cuba. Join a scheduled group or let us assist with your private tour. Either way, we encourage everyone to immerse yourself in the many natural and cultural masterpieces that is Cuba.

Americans are welcome with open arms!

Classic Chevy with Cuba Flag

Building a bridge from Havana to Montana!

Click on the Chevy and enjoy!

 Thanks to Cuba's Maestro Guitarrista, Aquiles Jorge Rabaud Torres 
   and Montana's Doug Wales & Jake Fleming

Our Cuba Tours

Each Mariah Travel Cuba tour is designed to Support the Cuban People

Santiago de Cuba
Dancing in Havana
Bee Hummingbird Cuba

Truly a Cuban people-to-people experience! World class surfing with local surfing guides on the eastern coast of Cuba. Live, eat and surf with the local surfing community.  Humanitarian donations are always appreciated.Dates: Year-round.

Costs starting at $3950

Enjoy all of the rich culture and natural beauty of Cuba. Meet the people, immerse in the cultural exchanges, bask in the incredible cultural and natural landscapes of Cuba. Dates: Year-round

Costs starting at $2499

Enjoy some of the best birding in the West Indies. Guided by the best birders in Cuba. This exchange is rich with unique, endemic species and incredibly beautiful landscapes.

Dates: November through May

Costs starting at $3999

Fishing Cuba

Fish some of the world's best waters with Cuban experts. Learn from their experiences on this people-to-people fishing  educational exchange.

Dates: Year-round

3, 5, 7 Days of Fishing!

Cuba Street Music

Take a journey through the rich history of Cuba's art and music culture. Meet the artists, exchange ideas, enjoy live music, theater, art museums, galleries and more. Dance, dance, dance! 

Dates: November through June

Costs starting at $2499

Cuba Cooking

Join Cuban chefs and eat your way around Cuba on the best culinary tour. Visit organic farms, meet the farmers, experience Cuban-owned paladares, learn to cook delicious Cuban meals.

A true educational exchange!

Dates: November through June

Custom tour, Call for prices!

Cuba Photography

Experience Cuba, the real Cuba, through the lens of your camera. Meet the people and capture the beauty of Havana and how to turn your photos into your story. Guided by Cuban professional photographers that know all the best spots!

Not to be missed... Year-round   

Costs starting at $2499

Biking Cuba

Explore Cuba in a whole new way, biking through the Western part of the country. Joined by Cuban educators, learn about and enjoy the beauty of the landscape on the unique and educational experience.

Dates: November through June

Custom tour, Call for prices!

Our tours are rated the best in each category - private or groups. 
Call or email today!

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