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Join our family of travel adventures. We are dedicated to providing exciting travel opportunities combined with unsurpassed educational experiences, designed to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the beauty and wonder of our natural and cultural environment and we excitingly invite you to explore your world with MARIAH TRAVEL

Let's Explore The World Together!

Cuba Tour Packages

Havana, Cuba

Mariah Travel is an exciting educational adventure travel organization with offices located in Livingston, Montana, Miami, Florida and Havana, Cuba.


We place a high priority on responsible traveling practices that create low environmental impacts, providing members with exhilarating, memorable travel packages, destinations, and opportunities that highlight the beauty and wonder of the natural and cultural world. 


Our primary purpose is to create educational trips that offer travelers the opportunity to appreciate and learn more about the region they visit including Support for the Cuban People exchanges. We encourage experiential participation of travelers. Hands-on learning on each of the adventures offered that fit nicely into the lifestyles of today’s adventurous travelers.

People often dream about visiting the beautiful natural and cultural environs in this world.  We make these dreams a reality, allowing clients the experience and learning of travel. Unlike large tour operators we remain focused on providing a personalized, customized travel experience, selecting destinations that provide unparalleled opportunities to witness and learn first-hand about the wonders of our cultural and natural world. If you can dream it, Mariah Travel can make it happen.


Founded and operated by a team of dedicated and experienced biologists, scientists, historians, naturalists and educators, our travel consultants are experts on the best places in the world to visit, and are committed to understanding and protecting the planet’s natural resources.

President, Michael Sanders states, “Our tours are specifically designed for the traveler who wants to not only see the world, but really experience it.  Every tour is an adventure, not just another cookie-cutter vacation.  Our travelers truly enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they will remember and cherish forever.”

Mariah Travel is privileged to have partnered with many of America’s top non-profit organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, National Parks Conservation Association, Princeton, UCLA, Harvard, The National Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy and many other non-profit conservation organizations.

We believe our programs contribute to the local economy of our destinations, where we strive to hire local naturalists, guides and support personnel. But equally important, we believe our programs assist with the overall humanitarian efforts worldwide. To all of us, this is a success.

 Let’s explore the world together!

Cuba Tour Packages

Caribbean Flamingo

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