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Comments from colleagues and friends


“I have reviewed literally thousands of tours from a variety of vendors and tour companies. And

year after year, I continue to find that the Environmental Adventure Company – and the itineraries

produced and executed by Michael Sanders – are among the best in the industry.”  

                                                                                                  Dan Gifford, Manager 

                                                                                                           National Wildlife Federation


“Environmental Adventure Company is top-notch!  They share the same values as I do

about travel, wilderness & culture, and they know their stuff!  Omit nothing!”

                                                                                                                Judy, Santa Barbara, California

“Environmental Adventure Company shares our mission in conservation and dedication to

providing the best travel experiences possible of our member travelers." 

                                                                                                       Katie Maschman, Manager

                                                                                                                               National Parks Conservation Association


"You will never find a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide and expert on wildlife and the

wonderful places where he takes his clients. You will never go wrong with taking a trip through his

company or by having Michael on your team. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

                                                                                                          Leslie Aun, Arlington, Virginia

"Michael is an enthusiastic, efficient and extremely knowledgeable guide. He combines thorough planning

with strong attention to develop excellent trips in a variety of different venues. Best of all, he's a lot of fun!"

                                                                                                            Kristin Hayes, Washington D.C.

"I had the pleasure of traveling to Yellowstone National Park on a group tour and Michael was our

guide. He was amazing with both his knowledge of the park and the wildlife. In addition, he managed

the travelers to give them the best experience possible. By the end of the expedition, everyone was a

raving fan because of Michael's leadership."

                                                                                                                                  Dave Strauss, Director Global Membership

                                                                                                 The Nature Conservancy

"I loved the tour. The people were friendly and the food and drinks excellent.

Lots of history and scenic beauty and plenty to see and do.

                                                                                                      Sharon Lau, Chicago, Illinois

"Very good trip, no disappointments, great guide."

                                                                                                                            William McDonald, Woodstock, Vermont

"Cuba was an amazing experience for me educationally and culturally."

                                                                                                               Caron Jeanty, Brooklyn, New York

"We found Cubans to be friendly, courteous and welcoming. There was a good

variety of activities and opportunities to ask questions."

                                                                                                             Randy Pruitt, Wichita Falls, Texas

"Lovely people, energetic culture, beautiful city. Loved the historic sites."

                                                                                                                                  Lynda Rothstein, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


"It was an awesome experience. People are very friendly. I was so impressed with

their pride in their culture and history..."

                                                                                                              Sibel Yuksel, Flower Mound, Texas


                                          "The people, culture, history, music and more make Cuba amazing! The tour was very well organized.

           The tour guide was the best and the restaurants were fantastic!"

                                                                                                                Abe Comendador, Chicago, Illinois

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