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Monument Valley
Trip Information - Terms and Conditions



You will travel safely and hassle-free. Please read through the following terms and conditions to understand your rights and responsibilities as a guest on one of our tours.


  • Payments

  • Cancellations and Refunds

  • Insurance

  • Flights and Accommodations

  • Health and Safety

  • Rights and Responsibilities

  • Website Liabilities


We welcome any questions you may have about these terms and conditions. The legal name of our company is Mariah Travel, LLC. 



For your convenience, we accept payments via most credit cards and PayPal with a fee of 4%. Also accepted are personal or business checks, wire or bank transfer, postal money order, bank draft, official or counter check.  All transactions should be made payable to Mariah Travel, LLC.


Tour Deposit

A non-refundable tour deposit of $500 to $1000 (depending on destination) is required within five days of registration. If you cancel your tour, you may choose to apply your deposit to a future tour or transfer it to another traveler within 12 months of initial deposit. Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. Tour deposits will only be refunded if a tour is cancelled or the dates are changed.


Balance of Payment

The balance of your payment is due 90 days prior to departure. Registrations received and confirmed less than 90 days prior to departure are payable in full at the time of confirmation.


Missed Payments

We reserve the right to deny tour participation to any applicant who misses scheduled tour payments and to applicants whose checks are returned NSF, or whose payments are declined.


Cancellations and Refunds


Schedule of Refunds following Client Cancellation

The following refund schedule applies to all travelers. Notice of cancellation must be received by email or post.


  • Cancellation 90 days prior to departure. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied in full to future travel with Mariah Travel or transferred to another traveler.

  • Cancellation 60 days prior to departure. Forfeit 50% of tour costs. Paid portion of tour cost can be applied to a future tour with Mariah Travel.

  • Cancellation 30 days prior to departure. Loss of all tour costs.


If you purchase travel cancellation and trip interruption insurance and are unable to participate for reasons of illness or injury, monies paid to Mariah Travel and airlines can be claimed and refunded to you by the insurance company as per the conditions outlined in their policies.


Refunds will not be offered to participants who arrive late or depart early from a tour for any reason, or to no-shows.


Cancellations by Mariah Travel


Mariah Travel reserves the right to cancel a tour prior to departure. Cancellation may occur:


  • due to a natural disaster, COVID-19, political, economic or social instability; and acts of war, terrorism or God in the U.S. or destination country, or;

  • as a result of too few participants for a tour program to be viable.


In the event we cancel a tour program for reasons beyond its control, tour participants may have all monies paid to Mariah Travel for services returned depending on the supplier, hotel, guide services refund policy. One may also apply these funds to another travel program of their choosing.


Mariah Travel are not liable or obligated to refund monies paid by tour participants directly to third parties such as airlines, suppliers, etc. Please consider travel cancellation and trip interruption insurance.




Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Travel cancellation and trip interruption insurance is not included in the tour price, nor does Mariah Travel accept responsibility for illness or accidents of any kind prior to or during travel. We strongly recommend travel cancellation and trip interruption insurance that includes cancellation for any reason, as well as extended health insurance.


Mariah Travel recommends USI Travel Insurance Services.  

Please visit for more information and a free quote.


Single Travelers

All of our trips that include hotel accommodations are based on double occupancy.  If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room, we will match you with another single traveler of the same sex, if available.  If no roommate is available, a single supplement fee will be charged. Some programs waive the fee. Please contact us for more information on costs.


Changes to Itineraries and Accommodations

We make every attempt to ensure tour itinerary information is accurate. However, in circumstances beyond our control, changes may occur. We reserve the right to change itinerary activities and substitute hotels whenever necessary without notice. Should promised hotels be changed out or our control, we make every attempt, where and as possible, to secure accommodations of similar or better quality.


Health and Safety

Anyone of average fitness can enjoy all the activities offered by Mariah Travel. Please consult your doctor to see if your health condition is suitable for the trip. The tour leader must be advised in advance of any special health needs. Weather conditions can change without notice and it is the responsibility of the traveler to have proper clothing and equipment. Please contact our office for assistance in what to bring on the trip.

Rights and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Mariah Travel

When you book a tour with us, you – and those on whose behalf you are booking – become party to a contract with Mariah Travel and the companies providing the services in your tour package. We take great care in selecting the service suppliers (hotels, ground transportation companies, restaurants, etc.), which together provide the travel services you have purchased. We act solely as agents for these suppliers and exercise no direct control over these independent parties.


Mariah Travel is not liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment of any kind, to you or your group members, resulting from the acts, omissions or negligence of anyone other than Mariah Travel acting properly on your behalf. If the entire program is cancelled for any reason, participants shall have no claim other than a full refund (excluding costs of air travel).


Responsibilities of the Tour Participant

All tour participants are expected to obey the laws. Failure to do so will relieve Mariah Travel of any and all obligations it may otherwise have to the offending tour participant. We also reserve the right to exclude a tour participant from all or part of the program, if the participant’s conduct before or after departure appears likely to compromise the safe, comfortable or enjoyable progress of a tour. In such a case, the tour participant forfeits any claims against Mariah Travel.


Reserved Right to Discriminate and Deny Services

Our tour programs are built on and seek to realize mutual respect, understanding, dialogue, learning and friendship. Mariah Travel may refuse service to any applicant, registrant or participant whose behavior, in the opinion of Mariah Travel employees or vendors, would likely compromise the comfort and the peaceful enjoyment of the participants on a group tour. In such a case, the offending tour participant forfeits any monetary or legal claims against Mariah Travel. Tour participants are expected to treat tour mates and tour leaders with respect and consideration at all times.

Website Liabilities


Information Collected from Website Users

Site users guarantee that any personal information provided through this site is accurate and true. It is the responsibility of each participant to properly inform Mariah Travel of any medical problems or special dietary requirements. Under no circumstances, will Mariah Travel share your personal information with any agency, government, organization or private entity unless absolutely necessary to ensure your safe travel.


Website Warranties

Mariah Travel attempts to provide information on this site that is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We may provide links to other websites, but bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

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